As the founder of starbucks once said “we are in the people business serving coffee, not the coffee business serving people” and we fully understand what he means.

People are so important to us- both in terms of those that work with us and those that we serve. We always find time for a party here and there and take great care making sure everyone is happy in their work.

We are still a very small company, but as we are growing quickly, we are always looking out for great new people to join our team. We provide on the job training, so your attitude is more important to us than your experience (although it helps!)

If you are interested in a position with crave (we are planning a national roll-out, so it doesn’t matter where you live) please fill out & submit the form below.

Would you like to join the crave crew, just fill out the form below….


Dominic Johnson-Allen
Founder of crave

Dominic moved in 2003 from the UK to SA where he had previously spent his career developing hotel and restaurant brands- predominantly for Whitbread Hotel Company.

Crave was established after he spotted an opportunity for a healthy, fast but fresh food concept here in South Africa, similar to those now throughout Europe.

He keeps everyone on their toes with his perpetual demands for cleanliness, consistency and smiling faces, but also loves new ideas, innovation and being a bit different.

In his spare time he changes dirty nappies, loves long lunches & dinners with friends & family, and then heads into the mountains on his bike, to get away from it all!


Michael Werneyer
Managing Director

Michael is a local lad, so he wishes he was in the surf more often than the office! He has a degree in accounting and handles the tons of paperwork generated by operations each month.

He is anything but your stereo-typical accountant, enjoying not just his surfing, but mountain biking & jamming on his guitar.

He has solid experience in the hospitality industry after spending more than 10 years working his way up through the ranks.

“Crave is a wonderful opportunity to test my skills, and help grow one of the most exciting new brands in South Africa, and I look forward to being involved with it for a long time to come”, he says.
073 250 1915


Mel     Store Managers

Melvin is our Thibault Square store manager. He has been with crave since day one and has worked his way up to manager through hard work, dedication and a strong focus on delivering financial and operational targets.

One day, hopefully he will be able to open his own franchised store?!


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